S.K. - November 2019

H.C. - December 2019

This Salve is a miracle! A friend offered it to me when I was experiencing a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder. It progressively got worse for 3 days and nothing I did would touch it. Ibuprofen, hot packs, cold packs… nothing worked. I hadn’t slept in days because of it and it was starting to give me a headache that was bad enough to make me nauseous. I couldn’t turn my head from side to side. Ten minutes after my friend rubbed the salve on my neck and shoulder the practically evaporated . The pain was gone. I slept like a stone that night and I seriously could not believe the difference it made. It was so amazing I bought 3 jars…one for myself, one for my dad who suffers diabetic foot pain and one for my boyfriend who frequently has aches and pains from work/previous military service. I’m usually skeptical of products that claim miracle results but after my experience I’m an unapologetic fanatic!

M.V. December 2019

"Personally vested in the product, and with good reason…it works!"

N.A. - January 2020

This stuff really works!!! I am always suffering from migraine headaches as well as muscle & joint pain (I’m getting old, it sucks!) I have purchased the 1500mg oil & the 500mg cream. My absolute favorite is the cream! It eliminates me having to take any more pills for my pain! An all natural & safer way to get pain relief!!! I highly recommend this product. I’m sure many may be skeptical, but give it a try & you’ll see for yourself!!!!

"Wow! Wow! Wow! What a Modern Health product has done for my mom is overwhelmingly amazing. Started with pain in her lower back & me giving her my pain meds (she never takes pain meds). Then it went to her upper shoulder & arm. She couldn’t lift her arm to wash her hair or do her makeup. I felt helpless so I called Yesi and she recommended both the salve and tincture. My mom started using it immediately awaiting an appointment with orthopedic surgeon. 24 hours after using the hemp cream my mom no longer had the pain! It's been a couple weeks and my mom is as good as new! Orthopedic said come back when you have pain. She also started using the tincture and said she didn’t remember the last time she slept through the night! Now she sleeps and wakes up rested and pain free! Modern Health products have made my 71 year old mom feel great and be active again!"

“I recently had surgery on my Achilles heel and deal with different levels of pain on daily basis. I prefer not taking pain meds that only mask what’s going on. Needless to say it has been a frustrating time. I decided to try Modern Health’s Evolve cream and couldn’t have been more surprised and excited. Within minutes of putting it on my foot and ankle I was walking so much easier. Of course my pain wasn’t completely gone due to the type of surgery I had. But the relief I felt was immense and amazing and more than I have felt since I injured my foot. To say that I am excited to have my Evolve cream is an understatement."

E.R. January 2020

R.R. February 2020

"Just want to tell you I had an MRI last week and found out I have 2 herniated discs and been using the cream we got from you. And it’s been amazing how good it works."

M.B. March 2020

“Thank you for visiting my office this morning! Your product is incredible!! I was in so much pain this morning from my fibromyalgia and plantar fascitis. After trying your product, I was pain free!! Wish I had more! Looking forward to seeing you on March 2nd. Sincerely."

“I purchased the oil last week. I suffer from autoimmune chronic pain. For the first time I am able to experience life free of muscle and joint pain. You have made a believer out of me. And have a customer for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

A.A. March 2020

D.K. March 2020

"Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited. This is the first I’ve had any relief since summer."