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Our Goal at CBD Modern Health is to be the pioneers and leaders in the medical and therapeutic community by bringing to market game changers in management of pain, anxiety, mood and insomnia.


With that said our medically therapeutic CBD OIL is a BROAD SPECTRUM Oil which includes the full plant and all the added cannabinoids while maintaining our THC levels under the federal legal limit of .3%. Each product we distribute comes with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) which gives our medical and therapeutic distributors 100% confidence in the POWER and purity of our products.

Here are some FAQ that our sales team hears from the field.

  • Why are there so many CBD oil for pain management products on the market?
    Currently CBD Products are unregulated opening the doors for many unscrupulous vendors making outrageous claims about non-therapeutic products. At Modern Health USA we are urging the FDA for regulation and are KEY ADVOCATES for self-monitoring.
  • What is the difference between Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Isolate and Broad-Spectrum CBD products?"
    Hemp Seed Oil is the pressing of hemp seeds in order to get the oil that is used for cooking, candles and other home goods. Hemp Seed Extract has zero CBD or other cannabinoids and has no medicinal purpose. 1 ounce of HEMP seed usually sells for $1. Be careful of “CBD” products that have Hemp Seed Oil on the label. CBD Isolate is the extraction of just the CBD from the hemp plant versus Full or Broad spectrum which includes the full plant and other cannabinoids like CBN, CBCVA, CBL and Terpenes. Although CBD Isolate works, we feel that in order to get the FULL SPECTRUM BENEFITS of all the cannabinoids extraction of the entire plant is needed. These therapeutic differences are why prices are so fragmented.
  • Can I got to jail for buying CBD Oil?
    CBD OIL derived from HEMP is federally legal with the passing of the Farm Bill Act 2018.
  • What Therapeutic Benefits does CBD actually have and are there clinical trials on CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety and Other CNS Disorders?"
    There are numerous clinical trials and abstracts plus many more being researched now with the Federal legalization that show CBD OIL to be beneficial in reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, autism, insomnia and much more. Click our research tab to dive into the MEDICAL Research around CBD and why this is the PERFECT PLANT BASED alternative to prescription medicines
  • Will my insurance or Medicare cover Therapeutic CBD Oil from Modern Health USA?
    Currently there is no formulary coverage for any CBD Oil based prescription alternative. Modern Health USA priced our therapeutic CBD products to be comparable to Medicare and Commercial Insurance copays, deductibles or Donut Hole components to make access to our award winning prescription alternative products viable for all. Contact us for patient assistance programs to see if you qualify.
  • Can I buy directly from you online?
    Yes, you can purchase products by clicking HERE.
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