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ANTONIO NETTO • Sales First LLC • SOUTH FLORIDA • 269.252.9376

My journey with CBD started when I first watched a TED talk with a father explaining how their twin daughters improved their lives by using cannabis-based products.  

In January 2020, I decided to build my own distribution and start helping one family at a time. 60 days later the first sign that I made the right decision. A Global Pandemic. As I drive to pick up my son in school before the first lockdown, I thought to myself how people were going to go over their most difficult and challenging times of their lives. How Mental Health was going to become a huge topic in our society. 

One year after the pandemic started, I have never been more motivated to continue helping people recover from losses of all kinds and continue to pursue their happiness. The innumerous stories that have passed through my eyes and ears are just a confirmation that this is one of purposes in life and that I must continue to push for an expansion of the availability of such products around the world. 


Yesenia Rivera & Frankie Ruiz of Green Health LLC are proud New Englanders; one a Radiologic Tech the other a Chef!

They decided to become distributors of Modern Health products to not only educate people on plant based alternatives, but to stop our generation and future generations from depending on man made chemicals that are hurting their bodies and becoming dependent. In their fields they see unhealthy lifestyles that cause people to depend on man made chemicals like Opioids and over the counter medicines that eventually cause long lasting effects...

They have accomplished not only to reduce the out of control substance abuse affecting families but a healthier lifestyle for friends and family.



Patti is a business professional and brings to the CBD industry over 20 years experience in senior level management positions in diverse    areas.  She is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of 4Lyfe, LLC, a wholesale CBD distributor for Modern Health USA and researcher for the medical community.

4Lyfe became an authorized distributor for Modern Health USA in 2019 and Patti set out to inspire change in health care by promoting Modern Health USA CBD and providing accredited endocannabinoid education for medical practitioners.  Her mission is to help them understand the benefits of the healing properties of CBD and give them a plant-based alternative to prescription drugs.

She made the decision to sell CBD because she knows it would have helped her mom in so many ways.  Not one of her mom's healthcare practitioners offered alternative therapies and she believes that must change.  Patti partners with those that also wish to stop the pharmaceutical side effects, addiction, and misery wreaking havoc on our bodies, minds, families and communities, and instead, offer a plant-based alternative option to all those that could benefit. Patti never had the chance to discuss it with her mom, but she can help others, and she is doing that by building relationships and providing education.

If you are in the North, West or Central Florida area, we invite you to contact Patti for an introduction to the Modern Health USA CBD line of products and to learn more about accredited education in endocannabinoid medicine.

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